The COVID-19 pandemic has widely impacted the overall mental health of our community, and many already suffering are finding it increasingly difficult to cope.

Your donation can:

  • Bring trained social workers into the Central Library to provide mental health and wellness support
  • Minimize barriers to mental health support, allowing Calgarians to discover and better navigate services available
  • Empower caregivers and those wanting to learn how to best direct loved ones to the right services
  • 94%
    of Wellness Desk clients reported having a clear next step and feeling better equipped with support and knowledge
  • 48%
    of clients reported seeking out mental health support for the first time
  • Top 3
    presenting concerns in 2020: COVID-19 related anxiety, general mental health symptoms of Anxiety and Depression and ongoing addictions concerns

Special Thank You to our Generous Wellness Desk Donors

Held in partnership with Wood's Homes. This initiative is generously supported by the City of Calgary, the Government of Alberta, RBC Foundation, and donors of the Calgary Public Library Foundation.