Meet our Board of Directors

Through fundraising and governance, the Board of Directors are building a library system for the future.

Board members are:

  • enthusiastic supporters and patrons of the Library;
  • donors (through money and time);
  • participants of the Library Foundation’s fundraising initiatives and events;
  • promoters of the Library Foundation’s mission, accomplishments and goals; and,
  • connected in the community with committees, staff members, donors and volunteers.

Board of Directors

  • Rob Van Wielingen

    Board Chair

    President and CEO

    Viewpoint Investment Partners Corp

  • James Pettigrew



  • Naim Ali

    Board Director

    President and CEO

    Steinbock Development Corporation

  • Pamela Draper

    Board Director

    President and CEO


  • Sandy Gill

    Board Director


    Calgary Public Library Board

  • Anthony Giuffre

    Board Director


    Avenue Living

  • Jason Jogia

    Board Director

    Chief Investment Officer

    Avenue Living Asset Management

  • Al-Karim Khimji

    Board Director


    Calgary Public Library Board

  • Dean Koeller

    Board Director


    Calvert Home Mortgage

  • Don Sewell

    Board Director

    Energy Transition & Carbon Investments

    SAF Group

  • Sabina Shah

    Board Director


    Carscallen LLP

  • Patricia Moore

    Member Emeritus