BURNSWEST is a family owned business that has been built over three generations, four if you count the family’s first Alberta business prior to its land purchases.

James and Patricia Burns have supported early literacy at the Calgary Public Library since 2010, including the It’s a Crime Not to Read program, the Integrated School Support program, and helped to inspire innovative Early Learning Centres with their support of The New Adventures of Engine 23 at the former Central Library.

“We’re delighted to give back to a cause that does so much good for the community,” says James Burns. “We believe all children should have the tools they need to succeed in school, and these Library programs do exactly that.”

It’s a Crime Not to Read brings law enforcement officers into schools for storytime with children in Grade 3. These enriching experiences both offer children a fun, positive experience with reading and also help kids feel safer in their communities by forging relationships with Calgary Police Services.

The Integrated School Support program (ISSP) is a prevention initiative intended to provide services that address the needs of at-risk youth in the Greater Forest Lawn area. A component of this program is Kids’ Hub, an afterschool program at Patrick Airlie School that is run in partnership by the Calgary Public Library and YMCA Calgary to foster physical activity, healthy behaviours, promoting literacy and learning skills through play.

In recognition of the Burn Family and BURNSWEST’S long-time support, the Calgary Public Library named the BURNSWEST Program Room at Forest Lawn Library—a fitting tribute as it is where much of the impact of their investment will be felt.

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