Maureen Proctor is a long time supporter of the Library. She began volunteering for with the Library’s “Read with Me” program in 2002, helping young readers discover the magic of reading. Through her generous gift, readers of all ages will be able to enjoy a good book in the Maureen Proctor Reading Nook in the Central Library.

According to Maureen,

Libraries still have a place in society, despite all of the technology available to us today. They are a ‘meeting place’, ‘a place of refuge’, ‘an educational institution’- the list goes on – offering numerous programs for everyone.

As a Calgary Public Library volunteer for the past 15 years, I have had the opportunity to mentor 6-10 year old children with their Reading, Writing and Comprehension. This, through the Library’s 1-on-1 TD Read With Me program. It is most gratifying being able to give a child that ‘special time’ seeing them ‘grow and blossom’. In helping them discover the magic of reading, gain self esteem which they may be lacking, and introducing their families to the Library, they may very well become supporters of the Library and volunteers in years to come.

In supporting the Library, we help one another in making it a ‘welcoming home’.

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