Recently, long-time partners Kris and Jamie got engaged in the Central Library. Way back before the new Library opened to the public, Kris purchased a window inscription as part of our Windows of Opportunity Campaign dedicated to their daughter Maggie Rainbow. Little did Kris know, Jamie also purchased a window inscription! Jamie used his 35 characters to spell out “KRIS, WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

After a long wait for a custom rainbow engagement ring to be made, and some secret planning with Foundation staff to determine the perfect timing, Jamie and Kris took a stroll by the Central Library just in time for our Director, Donor Relations Christine to catch their attention. Christine chatted with the two donors and offered to show them some of the window inscriptions in the Shaikh Family Welcome Gallery.

Once they got inside, and Kris got to show Jamie the window inscription she had purchased, and Jamie surprised her by claiming he had purchased an inscription as well! Once she spotted the surprise message on his window, Jamie popped the question and Kris was overjoyed to say yes.

Congratulations to the happy couple! We can’t wait to hear about the wedding.

Do you have a special question or announcement to share? There’s still time to create your own custom window inscription at the Central Library! Visit for more details.

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