“Volunteering is a commitment. Making a difference is what keeps me going.”

For two years, Myles Waito has been generously devoting his time to the Calgary Public Library Foundation with the mantra “make it work.”

Twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Myles gets to work on the second floor of the Memorial Park Library. All the computing fun happens at his desk as he makes sure that the variables and queries of the Library Foundation’s database function properly.

Myles enjoys working with data—a skill he first learned when volunteering at the Calgary Police Service’s Youthlink Division, where he created three e-books. He defines himself as a helper whose reward is “psychological income,” a perk that allows him to enjoy the jokes, conversations and gatherings that the team organizes.

Myles first visited the Calgary Public Library as a patron, and never imagined that volunteering would become such a large part of his life. In 2015, he was recognized for his drive and dedication at the Calgary Public Library’s Volunteer Awards. “I had to pull myself off the floor because I never in my life expected to get it.”

His commitment to the Library has also translated to a donation. As Myles grew fonder of the Library, he decided to make a legacy gift in his will by designating 70% of his estate to keep supporting the “wonderful service” that it provides in Calgary.

Myles believes that a donation at any level supports the promotion of literacy and encourages others to consider donating by going through the website to learn more about the options available.

“By contributing a little bit of money, the Library can buy a book or run a program. It’s a way of helping out,” he says.

Myles’ personal and professional experiences have led him to value the importance of genuinely caring for people, and above all, loving what he is doing.

“The Calgary Public Library is all about having fun,” he says with a wide smile on his face.

Story by Alicia Barreto Jaime

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