The Terentiuk Space for Adult Learning in the Central Library honours Robin and her late husband Fred’s commitment to literacy and education. Learn more about her connection to the Library below.

Robin Terentiuk was four years old when her grandmother taught her a valuable lesson that opened up the wonderful world of learning.

It was simple—how to print her name—but the consequences have lasted a lifetime.

By doing so, Robin could have a library card and visit the Edmonton library where her grandmother worked. Even more exciting was the fact that she could take out some of the wonderful books inside.

“My mother’s father died relatively young and my grandmother went to work at the public library. One of my earliest recollections was of her teaching me to print my name because it was a prerequisite for getting a library card.”

“I wrote my name on a card and suddenly I had access to all these books,” she added.

Robin’s love of books has remained throughout her life and now she is giving back through a five-year funding commitment towards the adult learning centre planned for Calgary’s New Central Library.

Robin and her late husband, Fred, were long-time supporters of literacy and education. While she knew she wanted to support the Calgary Public Library, Robin decided to think beyond writing a cheque.

“I’ve begun a five-year donation of stocks. It gives me a tax advantage and gives the Library money after they convert the securities into cash,” she said.

Through the Library Foundation, Robin has found a balance between reducing items in her home and feeding her love of reading.

“The house was so full of books I decided it was preferable to start getting things from the Library, but I began feeling guilty about not contributing to the income of the authors. That’s when I began to make a donation to the Library Foundation,” she said.

– Story by Chris Nelson

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