Lynne Fallwell and her mother first came across an advertisement for the Windows of Opportunity Campaign when they were looking for the perfect birthday gift for her father. They selected a generational window to carry the story of their family down to the next generation, and chose its location because it was the perfect bridge between the original location of the family business in Olympic Park and the second location at 630 7 Ave SE. It was also fitting that the window is located on Level 4 with Calgary’s Story, presented by Walt & Irene DeBoni, as Lynne is a historian and her family has a long history in our city.

Lynne’s great grandfather Bert Malthouse arrived in Calgary in 1903 and had a bold mission—to sell fish in beef country. He opened Billingsgate Fish & Seafood Market in 1907. He had three daughters, including Margery, who married Lynne’s grandfather Frank Fallwell. Today, five generations later, the company is still owned and operated by the Fallwell family.

Now located at Crossroads Market, you can still find quality fish and seafood at Billingsgate Fish Company in Calgary.

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