Printing her name on that first library card remains a lasting memory for former Calgary schoolteacher and well-known philanthropist Patricia Moore.

She was only a young girl—not yet in school—when she proudly took possession of her card at the Memorial Park Library back in the 1930s.

These days Patricia and her husband Sherrold, a former oil executive, are renowned for generously supporting many causes—among them the Calgary Public Library.

“I got my first library card before I went to school. Then you could get a card as soon as you could print your name. I printed my first name only, as far as I can remember, and that was one of the most lasting memories of my life—having my own library card,” said Patricia.

It’s why she and her husband proudly support the library system as it seeks to help today’s youngsters, many of whom would otherwise not have access to books and other learning materials.

“I was a schoolteacher in junior high for almost 40 years. I preferred teaching in areas that were less affluent and some of those families had no books, so if there was no library how would children learn about the world?” added Patricia.

Patricia grew up in Calgary during the Great Depression and the war that followed. Then many families didn’t have money for books either. Taking books from the Memorial Park Library became her family’s weekly tradition.

“Every Saturday morning the whole family would go to the Library and get out two books each and on our way home we’d stop and get a bag of candy. That evening we would sit around the candy dish and read our books. I have such fond memories of the Library,” she added.

– by Chris Nelson

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