This event has already taken place

In August, players joined us on a journey unlike any they had ever experienced before. Players had 90 minutes to solve a series of puzzles with a group of other travelers, which required wit, speed and mobile devices.

All proceeds from this event were directed to the Signal Hill Library Outdoor Early Learning Centre.


Puzzles, friends, a ticking clock.

Welcome to your new obsession.

Locked Library is the ultimate puzzle-solving extravaganza. This is your invitation to attempt the wildly popular Locked Library, an ongoing series of massive escape events that have challenged players — as many as 1,300 playing simultaneously — to solve an elaborate series of puzzles before time runs out.

Yes. While some of our previous virtual games had one access pass per team, the live Locked Library events require one ticket per person attending. All proceeds from this event will support the new Outdoor Early Learning Centre at Signal Hill Library

No, your purchase is recorded through Eventbrite and we will be checking people in at the entrance.

Yes! Tickets are available until the start time of the game.

We will provide you with a package when you check in. Your mobile device and a sense of humour can help and ensure that everyone has a good time.

No…and that is part of the fun! This game is designed to challenge even the best puzzle-solvers. Usually only half of participants complete the game! Will you take on the challenge and become part of this exclusive group!? Good luck!

While puzzle difficulty is designed for an adult audience, we have heard from many families who have enjoyed playing together as a team and working collaboratively. We do not recommend this activity for children playing alone, as it is challenging! Recommended for ages 12+.

As of March 1, masks are optional for Library visitors in public Library spaces, in accordance with provincial recommendations. We encourage you to do what feels most comfortable for you. 

Staff and patrons are asked to self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms and are not to enter any Library location if they meet criteria for self-isolation.

Proceeds from all ticket purchases support the critical work of the Calgary Public Library. Requests for refunds must be received by Friday, August 5.